Ranjanas Beauty Academy In Malad

Ranjanas have over 20+ years of expertise in the beauty industry. Our rich field experience and knowledge provide a rich learning environment that has aided countless students in their academic pursuits. All our branches are easily accessible from nearby railway stations. Hence, our academy is easily accessible by most of the students from diverse backgrounds and locations. We are incredibly proud of our students and faculty, who are always eager to learn, create, and grow as a community.

Ranjanas Beauty Academy is more than just a training facility, it's a life experience. We know what it takes to improve our students' education. We make learning more impactful with our latest curriculum and top-notch faculty.

We strive to provide in-depth professional beauty, hair, and makeup training courses. The courses efficiently meet industry standards. Likewise, we also tailor the needs of each student to fulfill their aspiration. It equips students with the necessary technical skills, communication and client management techniques. The academy offers hands-on training and the chance to perform the procedure that they have learnt theoretically. We offer multiple courses ranging from beginner to master level on various topics. Our Ranjanas Beauty Academy allows you to choose from skin, hair, and makeup courses based on your specific needs.


Our expert trainers are industry specialists who will help you flourish in the world of beauty with the latest trends and expert skills. With a professional beauty academy in Malad, you can brush up on your hairdressing, makeup, and beauty skills! People experience leap and bounds in the flashlight and celebrity industries. After completing the course, we provide job assistance to secure your career. Additionally, we also help you set up your salon if you choose to work on your own.

Step up to a successful career in glamour by getting excellent hands-on training at the best beauty academy in Malad.

Learn the nuances of flawless, glowing skin, smoky eyes, colour application, airbrush techniques. Create a look that entices the world by enrolling in a professional beautician course in Malad. Industry experts design the curriculum and are taught by well-trained professionals.

Open the doors to the glamorous beauty industry and make a name for yourself in the vibrant world. Ranjanas Beauty academy aspires to provide international levels of qualification to our students. It allows them to stand out from the crowd and carve a niche for themselves in the world of beauty.

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