Top-Rated Beauty Academy In Dahisar

Ranjanas Beauty Academy is one of the leading beauty academy in Dahisar. With our trendsetting approach, vision, and constant up gradation in the hairstyle and beauty business, we have become one of the best academies to pursue their dream career.

Ranjanas Beauty Academy is the culmination of the goals and eagerness to achieve and demonstrate our commitment to the beauty sector. Mrs Ranjana Bhalerao established Ranjanas beauty parlour in 1997 and provided Professional Hair & Beauty services. With more than a decade of expertise and passion for guiding beauty aspirants, she started the training academy in 2010.


Ranjanas Beauty Academy is also committed to elevating the student’s career to the point where it is considered equal to, if not greater than, any other vocation in terms of monetary or skills.

The key objective of the Ranjanas Beauty Academy is to groom prospective students into future fashion experts in the realm of Hair & Beauty to expand expert practices to future generations. We design a course curriculum to provide extensive training in the beauty sector. Furthermore, our students have a wide range of options, whether they want to specialise in one industry or gain hands-on general knowledge of Hair & Beauty Parlor Course in Dahisar

extends beyond only giving courses, and we also assist our students in obtaining employment in this industry. Along with professional techniques, we teach our pupils about customer relations and how to interact with and treat clients such that they feel at ease and privileged. With fierce competition in the Hair and Beauty sector, we strive to provide courteous and disciplined personnel that are always ready to take care of consumers the moment they walk in.

At Ranjanas Beauty Academy, we provide customized courses based on the needs and interests of our students. Our mentor does thorough research and creates the latest curriculum that meets the demands of everyone. We feel that moulding students alone will not suffice, but getting them situated in the correct position to demonstrate their potential makes us a good choice for students.


Hair Styling & Spa

Our hair courses are customized based on the latest trends in the industry. We enable students to comprehend concepts from the root follicle level, ensuring that the result is visible to all. The course curriculum will teach students about different hair types and their textures to plan how to execute the look. In addition, pupils will be instructed on current market trends and fashion mantras for hairstyles.


Makeup is now a vital part of everyday life for any ordinary get-together, function, or marriage. Our Makeup classes cover methods and skills in Makeup. Our training teaches students how to apply different types of products for different skin textures, and we only use and propose skin-friendly products so that consumers are not upset by the makeup. Students will also learn to apply makeup in the simplest way possible, with a few coatings.


The Beautician Course in Dahisar includes all aspects of beauty enhancement treatments. We guide our students to thoroughly examine our clients' skin issues before recommending the best beauty treatment. Our students can advise consumers on what types of cosmetic alterations would make them look better and more desirable based on their skin and body condition based on their skin and body condition. A thorough understanding of skin and facial architecture, as well as product use, will improve attractiveness.

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