Why does bridal makeup done by an expert last long?

  17 Nov

You always wondered that how the bride looks pretty and charming even in the late night photo shoot. Whether she goes to an expert Bridal makeup artist in Mumbai early in the morning or afternoon, she looks beautiful till the end of the ceremony. Well, it is the expertise for which you pay hefty money. A makeup artist uses special tips and tricks to extend the effect as much as possible. Of course, these are the trade secrets that no makeup specialist will tell you. As you read the blog further, a few effective and useful things get revealed to you.

Tip #1
Experts that do the Best Bridal Makeup in Mumbai don’t use products that have high SPF rating. Yes, it is a secret that very less people know about. High SPF products make the skin a little bit yellowish. It gets reflected prominently in the bright lights and flashlights of cameras. Low SPF products make it glowing and bright.
Tip #2
When you visit an expert bridal makeup artist in the Beauty Parlour in Bhandup, she doesn’t touch the skin first. Rather, she starts from the eyes. Then she moves to the face. The reason is, by the time she finishes your makeup, it is easy to wipe out the fallen out eye shadow.
Tip #3
Expert bridal makeup artist always uses the primer before applying foundation. It not only smoothes the skin, but also tone down the spots and patches. The biggest benefit is, the makeup lasts for a long time. That’s what you expect from an expert!
Tip #4
They always use concealer AFTER foundation and not BEFORE. It saves from the concealer getting wiped out while you do some corrective procedure. The area gets exposed and looks quite bad.
Tip #5
They do not use powder at all. If it is inevitable, then they use natural powder or translucent powder.