Want eye-catching, lustrous hair; here are some simple tips!

  05 June

Everyone today is conscious about healthy hair. They want superb luster and great finish. No wonder, Hair do’s is an important part of beauty training courses nowadays. The best stylists give equal attention to it. Experts say that it is important to meet a learned and trained hair stylist for good care of hair. However, a few simple precautions can keep them further healthy and attractive.

Throw away the hair dryer if you want long-lasting luster
Though hair dryer is an inevitable accessory in a beauty clinic, experts say that indiscriminate use of it is not good. One should make use of towel instead. However, there is a word of caution for towel drying as well. Don’t rub wet hair fiercely with a towel. Hairs get tangled in the threads, and they stretch up to the breaking point. “How to use a towel correctly” is covered in the Hair & Beauty Courses. If you don’t want frizzy hair with a lot of split ends, then stop the incorrect way of using a towel. Remove excess water by shaking the head gently. Stroke the hair gently with the towel. Always follow the direction from the roots to the tips.
Trimming is necessary
Keep the hair healthy by regularly trimming them. Seek the appointment of a qualified hairstylist who has done beauty parlor course from a certified institute. When a specialist does the trimming, she or he removes damaged or split hair as much as possible. It boosts the growth, and you have dense and nice hair.
A big NO to chemicals
In the modern world, it is tough to avoid the use of chemicals. However, you can do it with an intelligent selection of hair care products. Experienced beauticians can suggest several natural products that are highly effective with no harmful effects.
Follow these simple tips for smooth, silky and shining hair.