Things you will learn in the cosmetology course

  12 February

The essential qualification to become a cosmetologist is to enroll in a professional cosmetology course from a trusted beauty academy in Navi Mumbai. From the basics to advanced techniques, a cosmetology course includes all the aspects that a professional cosmetologist should learn.

The blog highlights some of the fundamental curriculum that the course includes

General Cosmetology
General cosmetology is the basic concept of the whole course. Students will learn basic human anatomy, physiology, basic and advanced equipment, and tools. Furthermore, it also gives insight into the various skin and hair types, client’s requirements, and guidelines to deliver the services accordingly.

Hair Care
Haircare and styling is the crucial aspect of the cosmetology course. Students learn about the different scalp issues, hair care problems, their types, and subsequent treatments. A professional cosmetologist can only provide the appropriate treatment after examining the underlying issue. The course will also include different techniques of shampooing, conditioning, and other required hair care treatments such as keratin, spa, and smoothing. The advanced course in cosmetology provides insights into hair coloring techniques. The haircutting is the basic cosmetology course, including hair coloring, touch-ups, etc.

Nail care
Nail care is another crucial aspect of cosmetology, curing nail diseases, disorders, infections, and other beautifying processes. Nail care technique is some of the key topics covered in the curriculum. The course also covers the study of pedicures and manicures. Only an expert cosmetologist with the right expertise can do pedicures and manicures with utmost care and perfection.

Skin and Face care
Students will also learn different skin types and skin treatments based on the nature of the client’s skin type. Face care is a quite complicated subject that can be handled by a professional cosmetologist and can do it with perfection. Students can learn the process of massaging, cleansing, mask application, delivering a complete facial service, facial hair removal, and applying pressure on the right points.

Makeup application
The technique of applying makeup is a crucial technique, so it should not look caked up. Beauty academy teaches you makeup application and makeup types as it includes the cosmetology course curriculum.