The bridal makeup done by an expert remains intact even in a summer wedding

  25 May

If the date of the marriage is fixed in the summers, the biggest worry of the bride is, “will the makeup sustain the incredible heat?
Well, it should sustain provided an expert Bridal makeup artist in mumbai does it. Yes, she knows how to keep the bride pretty and charming in the entire event.
Of course, you need to pay more for it. A seasoned makeup artist will charge higher than an amateur bridal makeup service situated just around the corner.
An expert who carries the certificate of a prestigious Beautician course in mumbai far more superior than others.
What precautions are taken to retain the makeup in excessive heat?

They use products having high SPF rating
Wondering about it? Yes, contrary to the rule, experts use a product with high SPF rating to keep your face glowing throughout the function.
Indeed, it reflects a light yellowish shade in the flashlights of the camera. However, sustainability is more important.

The makeup starts from your eyes
Typically, the makeup artist begins their work from your eyes. It is because there is a higher risk of falling out eyeshadow in the excessive heat.
When she gives the finishing touch to the Best Bridal Makeup in Mumbai, you can easily wipe it out.

Use of primer is prevalent in the summers
Before applying foundation, makeup artists use the primer in the summer season. It conceals the spots and retains the makeup for quite a long time.
It is a top-secret of most of the beauticians that have been revealed to you.
Also, the concealer is also used after applying the foundation so that it doesn’t get wiped out with the sweat.
These are the methods used by expert bridal makeup artists to keep the makeup intact in the scorching heat.