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All Students must comply with the following Rules and Regulations whilst attending a course at Ranjanas Beauty Academy.

  1. Attendance – Courses will commence promptly at the published times. The teaching time on short courses is extremely precious. We do understand that incidents occur that cannot be prevented e.g. heavy traffic, poorly children, but we would appreciate to plan your travel accordingly and call to admin and inform if you are running late. 80% above attendance is compulsory to appear for the final exam
  2. Grooming – It is important for a beautician to appear professional at all times, make sure you are properly groomed during course.
  3. Uniform - Uniform is compulsory, all the students must wear uniforms during the course.
  4. Nails should be filed/cut to a sensible length to avoid injury to a client.
  5. Jewellery – No Jewellery (including nose and tongue piercings) should be worn during the course except for a wedding mangalsutra and small stud earrings. Please leave any valuables at home as the Academy cannot take any responsibility for loss or damage to student’s personal belongings.
  6. Training Manuals – Training manuals supplied by the Academy. All materials are the Copyright of the School. The notes from the manual should be written in academy only, no one should carry it outside the academy
  7. Mobile Phones -These must be switched off or put on silent during the course.
  8. Gossiping / Grouping – Ranjanas Beauty Academy will not tolerate gossiping/ grouping among the students
  9. Makeup & Hair Kit : Students will have to buy products/equipment for makeup and hair topics. Academy will provide the list of the products/equipment to buy.
  10. Beauty Cosmetic / Equipment: Academy will provide all the beauty cosmetics during the course. Students to buy small equipment like pedicure kit, black head remover, napkin, gown etc
  11. Project Books : Every student has to prepare two project book of Makeup and Beauty & Hair. These books has to be submitted before the final exam.
  12. Conduct & Discipline : Students should be disciplined all the time, they should respect the trainers and other students in the class