Ouick and smart bridal makeup tips when you have a little time

  07 Jan

Before you hire a Bridal Makeup artist, you should test out several looks and techniques. If you read beauty blogs or ask experts personally, you will know how beauty experts create the unique wedding day look.
Of course, everyone has a unique style and perception about it; the fundamentals are the same. They demonstrate their skills to transform your appearance and make it suitable for the special occasion.
Professional beauty experts expect that their client will come for a few sittings so that a step-by-step process can be followed.

However, every wedding is different. Sometimes, it is not possible for the bride to have multiple sittings with the beauty experts. There could be professional pressures, shortage of leave or a new job.
What is the way out in such a situation? Well, an expert Bridal makeup artist in Mumbai always have a solution for every problem.
He plans only one or two makeup sessions and transforms the looks completely.

Tips and tricks
When a makeup artist aims to deliver the Best Bridal Makeup and a little time is in hand, she uses her skills to provide fabulous makeup.
Here are some tricks to make the quick makeup great.

  1. The eyes are lined first. Starting by the inner lower rim and then moving to the upper lids with a shade of brown liner, the makeup artist obtains an intense yet soft effect.
  2. The eyebrows are filled using a light shade. Usually, it is a shade lighter than the natural tone. It deepens the color and gives an emphasized look.
  3. Lip color, false lashes, face contour; everything is chosen in such a manner that it complements the special bridal look.
  4. A makeup setting spray keeps the appearance fresh for hours. Even during irritating summers also, it lasts longer.
Thus, it is possible for you to carry yourself gracefully on the very special day.