Know a few secret techniques followed by bridal makeup artist

  20 Aug

A bridal makeup artist in Mumbai is an expert who can bring fantastic improvement in your appearance. He uses the knowledge and skills to make you the ‘star attraction of the show’.
A flawless, fabulous finish is what bridal makeup artists accomplish. How do they achieve it? What is it that distinguishes a skillful bridal makeup specialist from others?
According to experts, bridal makeup is a specialized skill. Artists use some secret techniques to enhance the appearance.

Want to know about it? The blog reveals the secret.
Pre-foundation is important
First, the Bridal Makeup artist hydrates the skin. They use primer and not any serum or moisturizer. It creates a matt layer on the skin which looks impressive.
Foundation is the next
Before applying the foundation, the makeup artist checks the skin type. Based on the condition and texture, right kind of foundation is used. The color and tone of the skin also determine the variety of the foundation.
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Use of powder
It sounds crazy, isn’t it? Do makeup artists use powder? Yes, they use it. They prefer a silk powder.
Next most important part is your eyes. The secret element is the use of eye primer. Some artists use watercolor shadows as well.
The gel-based eyeliner comes in various shades. he makeup artist chooses the most suitable one.
The natural-looking shade is the best for lips when a makeup artist does bridal makeup. It looks elegant and enhances the appearance.
They do not use too glossy shade.
The last and the final thing is eyebrows. An expert bridal makeup artist doesn’t excessively thin the brows. Instead, she retains the natural shape and density.
These secret methods are used for great bridal makeup.