How you can groom your beautician career with a professional course

  19 April

The fundamental prerequisite to becoming a beautician is pursuing a professional beautician course from a reputed beauty academy. Getting professional training will let the students learn from basics to advanced aspects in a course. By enrolling in the beautician course, the students can get hands-on experience on topics like facial treatments, hair treatments, and other techniques. On the whole, a professional beauty parlour course will cover the below aspects of the beauty industry.

General cosmetology

A basic understanding of skin anatomy is very important as it introduces the concept of skincare. Students can learn physiology, skin anatomy, techniques, basic and advanced cosmetology techniques, and process. The course also gives importance to understanding your clients' psychological aspects through basic personal grooming tips and ethics.

Hair Care

Haircare is the most important aspect of a beautician course because a significant part of your clients are concerned about the hair and its health. The course will also introduce the various types of hair, their problem, suitable treatment, techniques, and styling for each hair type. A professional beautician can provide the proper treatment after examining the underlying problem.Similarly, as part of the course, students will also learn about the techniques for shampooing, conditioning, hair care treatments such as hair pack, keratin, and smoothing. Students also get an opportunity to learn about the specialities of keratin, spa, and other hair care treatments.

Nail care

Nail care treatments like manicure and pedicure are another critical aspect of the cosmetology course. Suggesting the right treatments for the nail issues, infections, and other techniques to beautify the nails. These advanced treatments are covered only in the professional beautician course with thorough knowledge and utmost perfection.


The curriculum of skincare includes insights on various skin types, its underlying problem and suggest appropriate treatment. Meeting clients' needs with beautiful and radiant skin is a tedious responsibility that can be handled only by a professional skincare expert. On the whole, the role of a beautician is quite different from that of a makeup artist. The makeup artist brings unique makeup looks through beauty products and equipment, whereas a beautician enhances people's beauty from inside. Beauticians address the underlying problems and provide the proper treatment, and bring glowing skin. Join a professional beautician course from Ranjanas Beauty Academy and get appropriate training on various skin types and treatments from industry experts