How to get your big break in the beauty industry

  24 February

Being a beauty professional, the chances of you being exposed to lucrative career opportunities are wide. The career opportunities are not constrained with parlours, spa, and salons but expand from events and film shoots to luxury advertising to celebrity styling.

With a knack for professionalism and styling, you can take your break into this lucrative field.

Here's our pick of the career paths towards the professional beauty world

It takes expertise and experience in cosmetology to transform a baggy eye and dull skin into a vibrant face that reflects the celebrity's glowing spirit. With proper training and expert guidance, you can evolve as a specialist in understanding each skin type, procedures to enhance the texture, and proper implementation of correction techniques.

Each person's skin type is different and falls into various spectrum. Professionals in the beauty industry create a blend of skin care procedures. This ranges from the sterilization process, hygiene to massage technique. Aspirants with basic knowledge about skin types and makeup fundamentals can enhance their forte by enrolling in professional skincare courses.

Like skincare, hair care and styling cover a broad spectrum ranging from hair and scalp understanding to creating the right procedure for hair care and determining the right cut to suit the face. Furthermore, gaining expertise on the various products and treatments can bring out the desired look. While people are becoming more selective about hair care treatment and styling, there is potential growth in this sector.

With proper knowledge and expertise in makeup skills, you can create a glowing face. To obtain the desired skill level, aspirants should understand the various skin tones, lighting, etc. The career opportunities in the makeup field are as huge as your creativity. People with the right make up skill is highly on-demand Take up a professional course in Beauty from an array of courses available. At Ranjanas Beauty Academy, we provide expert guidance on all procedures and treatments along with hands-on training to make your career ready!