Get a summer ready makeup tips

  26 Feb

Summer is full of wonderful things beaches, ice cream, vacation etc. but melting make up smudge eyeliner or super sticky lipstick are not among them. we asked our very own expert from Ranjanas Beauty Academy for best makeup tips to keep your look fresh and pretty.

Here sharing with you fresh, breathable and light makeup look for summer.
1. Sunscreen -
The most important product in summer" after you have cleansed your face apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher (but make sure first it suits your skin type properly). Get a sunscreen with matte effect that will act as a primer for makeup and will protect your skin from heavy summer of mumbai.

Makeup is incomplete without foundation in fact makeup can not get started without foundation. But it will melt down in heat so use foundation mix moisturiser instead of foundation. This makes skin tone even and doesn't look heavy.

If you love to speak with your eyes then this summer keep your regular or waterproof makeup aside and try water resistant eye makeup like kajal, mascara and eyeliner which is light and good for sweaty days of summer.

Most of people use powder blush for makeup. This demand even increases in summer because powder blush absorb the sweat on face so makeup does not get damaged.

5. Lip
Nowadays womens are creasy about matte lipstick for it's perfect and fine look but ladies mumbai's summer can spoil this perfect look. Try lip stain for humid summer to survive from greasy lips.