Experts say want to join a beauty parlor course!

  21 Sept

Why is it essential to go for a certification Course in Beauty Parlour? Can’t an aspiring beautician find training opportunities in beauty parlors?
Experts say that it is possible to learn the skills from some specialist. However, it may not be structured and formal training.
Moreover, aspiring beauticians will not get any certificate, diploma or degree after completion of the training.
Thus, there is no documentary proof of their skills. On the other hand, a structured program issues a certificate or degree that is considered an evidence of education.

Private course or government, which one is better?
There is no yardstick as such to measure their effectiveness. The term ‘beautician’ is a term that is broadly used by people.
Several specializations are there. A government beautician course in Mumbai covers each specialty separately. The aspirants have the choice of picking their favorite niche.
In private institutions, however, the things are taught comprehensively. They want to equip the beauticians with the necessary skills.
Therefore, it depends on the personal preference. Join a course that is recognized by the authorities and praised by people.

How will you choose the right academy?
When you compare one beauty academy in Mumbai with another, what should be the criteria? Here are a few tips.

  1. Choose an academy which offers courses recognized by some certification authority. If it is a government institute, then check the reputation of the course.
  2. See the syllabus so that you can ensure the course offers what you are interested into. There is no point in doing a course that focuses on skin treatment and wellness if you want to become a specialized bridal makeup artist.
  3. What is the status of placement? Are the students working in reputed places? Are they highly paid? If yes, then you can trust the institute.