Corrective makeup tips

  24 August

Makeup is magic that enhances one’s appearance with its techniques. Corrective makeup is a peculiar one that makes broad changes on your face. Makeup artists apply exclusive corrective makeup to enrich your beauty. They create an illusion with its techniques. The main motive of using corrective makeup is to cover up flaws on the face like sunburn, body scars, pigmentation, burns, and more. All facial features can be masked, by blending, using a combination of colours, light and dark shades to highlight and shape.
The application of dark and light shades in the exact place forms shape illusion. A lighter shade appears closer and dark shades appear far away.
As a professional artist, they will have a different point of view and huge ideas to select the proper colour of concealer that works on correction area, light and dark shades (artists use dark shades to minimize a feature and light shades to bring a feature forward).
For illustration, if you want to undercover dark spots or any defectiveness using makeup.

  1. Initially, you must know what needs to correct (black circle under eyes, the shape of the nose, or any scars and spots).
  2. Make sure picking the right equipment and cosmetics is required, such as foundation and concealer for your skin tone.
  3. Moreover, you should prefer correct shades to minimize and highlight a feature.

Steps of Corrective Makeup

  1. Makeup starts from the primer; artists apply primer over your entire face for the rest of the makeup application set without smudging.
  2. Next, they choose exact shades of colour corrector based on skin tone to counter-balance the appearance of dark spots. Colour-correcting crayons can hide the dark circles under the eyes.
  3. Now, artists apply a radiant finish foundation using makeup blender. The application must be gentle to avoid unsettling the colour-correcting concealer.
  4. The main part of the whole set is a concealer that brightens up your face and corrects the extra imperfections. Apply the concealer where required (under eyes, covering the nose, chin) to brighten up the complexion. That will cover your face defects completely.
  5. Final touch with a face powder - set your makeup with a fine thin layer of face powder that suits the skin tone with a makeup brush. It gives an enduring look.

Furthermore, you can shape your eyebrows, can extend the eye shadows, use eyeliner pencils, fill your lips with lip lining colour pencils, and more. Ultimately, nobody can identify the defect. All eyes will be on you and admiring your beauty.