Beauty tips for girls in winter

  03 Jan

As the cold wave strikes, the temperature drops suddenly. This massive climatic change affects your skin adversely.
Harsh as the climate may be, there is no reason your skin should get the hit. Before you schedule your next visit to the best beauty parlor in Vikhroli, here are a few useful tips to improve the quality of your skin.

Hydrate your skin as much as possible
In the winters our body requires less water. However, it is advised to drink as much water as possible to keep the skin hydrated.
The skin looks young and fresh if the water level in the body is appropriate.

Apply good moisturizer
When the temperature drops and cold breeze starts, your skin loses the natural oil rapidly. It looks dry, whitish and rough.
If you have some excellent moisturizer given by your beauty parlor in Bhandup, then apply it thrice a day at least.
You can buy some herbal moisturizer that nourishes the skin and protects it from harsh climatic conditions.
Using natural oils and glycerin would be extremely beneficial.

Don’t forget to put sunscreen in winters
Does it sound strange? Well, it is not. When you are supposed to spend long hours in the sunshine during winters, applying sunscreen is always good.
It helps in two ways. It protects from harmful UV rays and also moisturizes the skin.
You ask any beautician who has learned the basics from a good beauty academy; she would always recommend using sunscreen in winters.

Don’t use harsh scrubs in this season
It is very important to keep the skin exfoliated in the winters. However, the scrub used should be light and gentle.
A course in beauty parlour teaches how to make scrubs suitable for cold weather. You should buy an appropriate one after talking to your beautician.
These tips keep you smooth and glowing in the harsh, chilling winters!