All brides need to know trend about bridal makeup for 2020

  20 Jan

Brides are enthusiastic to see what new trends have in store for all of us, as we are browsing the best dresses, Mehdi designs, jewellery, and so on for your wedding day. We're keeping an eye out for all the bridal makeup trends that are about to emerge because makeup can make or break your bridal appearance.

Bold Brows and Nude Lips
By the end of the year, there had been a significant change in the trends. To balance the bride's facial features, makeup artists have moved away from excessively heavy looks and begun making looks with bold eyebrows and more nude and natural lipsticks.

Smokey eyes with a subtle smokiness
Subtle smokiness is favourite to most of the people. Smokey eye makeup look is one that would never be abandoned by brides. We saw brides who experimented with subtle colours like chocolate browns, charcoal greys with a tint of glitter on their wedding day instead of going all out with all-black makeup.

Eye shadows in pastel colours
Pastel makeup is expected to become more popular in 2020. Pastel-coloured eye shadows will be a most-sought after look for daytime festivities and evening weddings, from colourful eyeliners to neon flashes in the inner eye corners.

The Traditional Red Lip
If you thought the traditional red lipstick on a bride was on its way out, think again. While 2019 witnessed an increase in brides wearing nude and pink lipsticks, 2020 is set to see the red lip reclaim its previous glory and be welcomed by future brides.

The No Makeup look
The No Makeup Look is also known as the Nude Makeup Look, which is more natural and emphasises a bride's natural characteristics. It will still be one of the most 'in-demand' bridal beauty looks in 2020. you can also check our Beautician Course in Mumbai for more details