4 essential beauty tools to have in your makeup kit

  28 August

Exemplary makeup techniques or cosmetic products are not enough for a good look, appropriate makeup tools play a significant role in bringing an exquisite appearance. Right beauty resources will make all the difference to give you a similar look like what you desire. Besides, these beauty products save a lot of time by making the work simpler and faster. Much like other professions such as a doctor and a painter, beauty practitioners require their reliable and suitable equipment to attain amazing outcomes.
At Ranjanas beauty academy we encourage the aspirants and to make use of the appropriate tools as a part of their beauty parlour class in Mumbai. Read on to know more about the 4 beauty tools that are must in your makeup box.

Makeup Brushes
While the market offers several styles and sizes of brushes, there are few types of brushes which give superb results and are important to insert in your makeup kit. You don't need hundreds of brushes, 2 or 3 of the best brushes are all the magic. To attain optimum coverage use a buffing brush or a stippling brush. However, the number of brushes can vary depending on the make-up you add to your routine.

Eyelash Curler
Many girls are simply born with wispy, long and curled eyelashes, but not all are blessed with natural beauty. A curler is a perfect choice for girls with short and thin eyelashes for appealing eye makeover. Use the curler before applying mascara, this will act wonders to lift and lengthening mascara. A curler lifts and leaves the lashes with extra curl, leaving you with bigger, more natural eyelashes.

Tweezer is a highly reliable tool, from spontaneous removal of the facial hair to tweezing of the pop-up eyebrow, tweezers have many applications.

Makeup Sponge
Sponges are widely used for the application of cream or liquid foundation or concealer. Apply your cream or foundation and blend in stippling and dabbing motions on your face. It provides an airbrushed finish.