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For any lady who has wished she had an expert bridal makeup artist at her service, Ranjanas Beauty Academy is for you and have the best makeup artist in Mumbai. Completing your bridal makeup shouldn't be an investment or even only for weddings. At Ranjanas Beauty Academy, an impeccable bridal makeup application in a casual salon setting is for whenever you need to feel like the most wonderful lady on the planet.
Our main goal is to make one major upbeat Ranjanas Beauty Academy family where each client strolls in as a customer and exists as an integral piece of this family. In this way, we are totally devoted to enabling you to accomplish the beauty you wish for. Ranjanas Beauty Academy makes people delightful, it's what we are paid to do. Much the same as some other expert, we are prepared and spent significant time in this field of work, so we have all the correct work and know every one of the tips and traps to make you and your marriage party faultless to flawlessness on your wedding day.
Book an appointment with us so we can keep your preferred best makeup artist accessible solely for you. We give the best wedding, engagement, easygoing, delicate tone and party makeup services at our salon based in Mumbai.



● Colour theory ● Understanding different face shapes & structures
● Hygiene and Safety. ● Products knowledge
● Brushes knowledge ● Foundation & concealer tech
● Colour – Correction and Concealer ● Application and blending of eye makeup.
● Application of eyeliners (liquid and gel). ● Eyebrow shading.
● Shading, highlighting (Theory) ● False eyelashes application
● Product mixing techniques ● Lances application
● Arabic eye makeup ● Smokey eye makeup
● Cut n Crease eyes makeup ● Shimmer and glittery eye makeup
● 3D make-up for photo shoot ● All types of real bridal makeup
● Glamour make-up for bride ● Western look bridal make-up
● Maharashtrian Bridal Makeup ● South Indian Bridal Makeup
● Muslim Bridal Makeup ● Catholic Bridal Make up
● Mehndi look Make up ● Fantasy make-up
● Introduction to hi-definition make-up for photography,film and fashion shows (Theory) ● Baked makeup
● Client consultation techniques. ● Building your makeup kit.

Saree Draping

● Nauwari saree ● Peshwai saree
● Normal Indian saree Drape ● Gujarati saree
● Bengoli saree ● Bridal saree
● Mumtaz saree ● Bahubali draping 1
● Bahubali draping 2 ● Ghagara style saree
● Naikless saree ● Dupatta Draping 1
● Dupatta Draping 2 ● Dupatta Draping 3

Hair Styles

● Middle part (a) Simle (b)slant ● Cross middle
● Breading ● Twisting
● Fish plate ● Cone pining
● Side curls ● Mango curls
● Middle part high pulf ● Chain-knot
● Jaya prada puff ● Twisting(fish plate look)
● Double middle ● Box
● Twisting(a) Horizontal (b)vertical ● Puff(a) small round (b)oval
● Pleating one side ● Twisting one side
● Low bun ● Low bun with plate
● Kont bun ● Bengali bus
● Messy bun with twisted ● Bridal low messy bun
● Low messy bun with tongs ● Oval bun
● Bun with sing overlap ● Bun with double overlap
● High franch ● Middle franch
● Low franch ● Overlap franch
● Double franch ● Franch with standing rolls
● Franch with Mango curls ● Franch roll with front tong
● Mohek with fish pleate(a) plain(b)messy ● Continuity twist
● Deepika puff with knot bun ● Sagar bun
● Chotla fixing ● Rain fall(a) twisting (b) sagar
● 5/3/4 part braid ● Messy with net
● Messy pleats with tong + extension ● Cross buffon

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